One plus three equals five

Written by Dovilė Katiliūtė

Five people settle in Mrs. Pro house. Two girls have to live separately from their family in the room on the left. Two friends - Leia and Teia take the room on the right. Teia is a married woman, who doesn’t know what her husband does for work. Leia is a gossip girl from a small town, who is willing to help Teia find out her husband's secrets. Tadas lives in the middle room. Because of unfortunate circumstances he has to serve Mrs. Pro. He has everything ever wanted – power, authority, the looks, though he has lost the thing he loved the most.

Adults Only (Childish Dramas)

Written by Justas Tertelis

This play is about propaganda. We all can agree that propaganda is a reprehensible lie, which is only used in order to change people opinions, values or to influence person’s behavior. Though international politics or information war threats won ‘t be discussed in this play. This play is intended to draw attention to the extent of this lie culture in our everyday lives.

This play is about how people (the adults) fall into comical and paradoxical world while trying to raise other people (the kids). The play is also about comical (and not so much) situations when the adults are doomed to learn, understand and chose the information in order to form their children point of view.


Written by Austė Urbanavičiūtė

Domcė would say „with the gang of ours“, Toma would add “for the last time”, it’s time to drink till you lose your consciousness, to cry and hug everybody around, and finally, while the sun is rising, to spill out everything that was kept in silence. This night is much more than just graduation. This is inevitable transition of five pupils to adults. There is only one condition - they have to survive the ending and beginning just in one night.

Softer than oil

Written by Chase Brown

Joshua Schaad, a twenty year old kid with a seemingly troubled past, is finally a part of

something bigger than himself: a religious “hate-group”. Ike Foster, leader & founder of the cultish society, with charm and promises of salvation, manages to take young Joshua under his wing. Despite Ike’s bigotry and malicious nature, Joshua works tirelessly to make himself indispensable in the eyes of his new mentor, compromising moral decency along the way. In order to garner more public renown for the church, Joshua suggests Ike allow a British documentary filmmaker, Charlie Costello, visit and film an exposé on the church. Ike reluctantly agrees, but later regrets this decision after seeing how he and his followers are portrayed to the rest of the world. Ike then forces Joshua to appear on a popular chat show, The Trudy Butler Show, to justify the church’s actions and exploit this newfound infamy. Once on the show, however, the usually easy-going host, Trudy Butler, presses Joshua to the point where the legitimacy of his own faith is questioned. Joshua’s existential breakdown is televised across the country, throwing his church into hot water, and his sense of belonging out the window.

The play jumps in time, travelling from the past, present, and an ambiguous ‘in-between

place’. Therefore, the description above isn’t necessarily indicative of how the plot


Trolleybus Nr. 2

Written by Alexandru Macrinici

Trolleybus nr.2 gives you a small tour of Vilnius, using monologues to present it.

Taking the same trolleybus, an emigree, a nationalist and a foreigner have experiences that show the European capital from three different perspectives.

In a world full of propaganda, whose side will you be on, whose story will you buy, or will you choose to build your own?

Trolleybus nr.2 is a question that waits to be answered.

The Awakening

Written by Rinaldas Tomaševičus

Young couple is stuck in a circle of daily routine. Their life is bleak and dull. Every day they try to cheer themselves up with beer and Mexican soup operas. Though one day something changes – the couple, one after the other, starts to think about life and tries to live it in different way.

A sea between two shores

Written by Iveta Volungevičiūtė

Lithuania in future time, presidential elections are coming. Step by step Lithuania becomes more and more advanced western country. The country is full of tolerance; many organizations are trying to support various minority groups. Adolfas Baranauskas – a 30-year-old journalist working in a popular daily newspaper is fired from work because of Russia friendly article. Outraged Aldolf begins to write his own blog. He writes under the nickname of Perkūnas, firmly expresses dissatisfaction with contemporary journalism and is determined to open the eyes of the nation.

A conversation with a priest

Written by Augustė Žičkytė

A priest gets a lot of attention from the press when he refuses to burry a parishioner. A girl comes to the parish to meet the priest. While the girl is waiting for the meeting, her memories of the past emerges. She remembers the death of her grandmother, the murder, the accident. She begins to go deeper into her own experiences. She believes that she will finally be free from the haunting desperation only if she will get rid of the man described in her diary. But how can you get rid of something you didn’t even know is so close to you?