Author: Raimundas Klezys

What’s nicer in life? Tell me, I’m very interested. You want an apple? (Throws one more apple to the wall) What’s nicer I ask you. Why so silent? You don’t like apples? Okay, let’s talk about art. Malevich. How do you like him? Nice? I’m fucking asking you. How do you know what is nice and what is not? (Throws an apple to the wall).

Are you sleeping with Pablo Picasso and you’re discussing what’s nice and what’s not? Or maybe Mona Lisa is your girlfriend and whispers you the newest trends of nice and not nice? Why so silent? Tell me, how do you know that I’ve drawn nice and Mickevičius has drawn better? How do you know, I ask you? Tell me. Why so silent? Have you been digging potatoes with Rembrandt and when you sat down to rest, he gave you a lecture about beauty? No? Well, then maybe you go to Varėna with Van Gog to pick mushrooms in the fall, and while you’re picking it, you discuss the concept of beauty? Also no?