Written by: Andra Kavaliauskaitė

There is a TV project going on which gives opportunity for four lucky men to create their PERFECT woman. Men, like gods, are creating their woman to show what details are the most important for every man. Hair, eyes, chest, vagina, voice… Can all these details one day become one person? Will any of the participants see their perfect woman?

Taking a deep look at one of the branches of pop culture, we ask: what is humanity? Where is the line which, when crossed, stops the cameras? What is woman nowadays and what's her worth? What is man and masculinity? Human and humanity? Lust, desire, freedom and big money - what hides under all this? How much does it cost to be honest and to be able to mock someone? How much does a clown cost, who not only plays his role perfectly but also, without even realizing it, makes up a perfect scenario to attract attention of the audience. How much does human dignity and respect cost?