Written by Martynas Tiškus

A young person who believes that contemporary civilized world has lost all the meaning and that democracy is just a fiction gets onto a filming set which is in his neighborhood. He believes that the script of the film is actually a reality. He confesses he has killed a person. During the interrogation he tries to convince the interrogator of his guilt. Scenes of the play is divided into interrogation which is happening now and flashbacks of events which took place the day before, from the morning when the suspect has woken up to the pretended killing on the film set. They introduce us to three more characters, suspect’s sister, his friend and his neighbor. Reality and fiction mixes up into one. The suspect is convinced he has killed for the greater good. He feels he is being followed and when interrogator comes to the stage suspect thinks he has been watching him for a long time. What are his motives? Is human free only because he is not in prison?