The first stage of the fifth contemporary dramaturgy festival “Dramokratija” has ended – this weekend the workshop with playwright, director and dramatist AnnaLina Hertzberg has taken place.


“Dramokratija” always puts focus on relevant problems and this time it takes on the lack of experiments in current Lithuanian theater. For three days the best friend of the festival. “Kablys”, sheltered workshops which was held by a guest from Sweden and encouraged upcoming playwrights to search for new forms and ways to connect to the audience.


“Every day of the workshop started with writing exercises. They are really great and will be useful after the workshop as well.”, playwright Irena Kunevičiūtė was planning the future. Iveta Volungevičiūtė, who is participating in “Dramokratija” for the second time, enjoyed individual time AnnaLina Hertzberg spend with playwrights. Festival’s first timer Matas Vildžius stressed expedience of the workshop – little of theory and advises how to make plays more interactive from AnnaLina’s own experience.


AnnaLina Hertzberg, the lecturer of the workshops, was tired after three days intensive and happy she had a possibility to know the voices of contemporary Lithuanian playwrights. “I can't wait to see how they will develop the plays we started. If one of two plays will be staged in theater, that will be the best possible award for me, for what I do.”.


Plays which now are being developed by the participants of the workshop, will be available to hear in free of charge readings of the fifth “Dramokratija”. This year the festival will take place on 23rd-28th of April in Vilnius.


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