When people go to theater, they mostly know what to expect.  They know forms of plays from Antiques, written by Shakespeare, in style of commedia dell’arte or contemporary playwrights perfectly well. By the end of the last century more affecting plays came to be, more theater performances crossed the lines of stage and theater in general, used new technologies to enhance spectators experiences. Now there has come the time to create a Lithuanian form of play – there are more Lithuanian plays on stages of theaters and talks about lack of Lithuanian  playwrights are changed by search for national play form.


Contemporary dramaturgy festival “Dramokratija” comes back for the fifth edition and invites to re-discover writing for stage. This time the festival will encourage upcoming playwrights to break all the rules and experiment with writing for theater by relating to the audience, finding unique structure and language of the play, etc. “Dramokratija” is not only a platform for plays to be heard but it also fosters beginning playwrights to perfect their writing. This time the festival invites applying for free of charge workshop with Swedish playwright, director and dramaturg AnnaLina Hertzberg. The workshop will be housed by festival’s best friend “Kablys”. Ten upcoming writers who by the 5th of January will email their motivational letter, the idea of the play and the first ten pages of the play to [email protected], will be selected to participate in the workshop.


The works of the lecturer of the workshops, AnnaLina Hertzberg, have been staged in Stockholm city, theater, Royal Dramatic theater of Sweden, in Finland, Georgia and Baltic countries. She is making international workshops and during them a lot of attention is paid to contemporary plays and new form of writing and performances. AnnaLina Hertzberg is one of founders of  “DramALH”, a theater and writers laboratory and the artistic director of children and youth theater “youth / east”.


The fifth contemporary dramaturgy festival “Dramokratija” will take place on 23rd-28th of April, 2019. For daily news of the festival, follow its “Facebook” and “Instagram”.